Squidman, also known as his nicknames 'The Mollusk Menace' and 'P-Squiddy', is a space criminal.


Squidman was infamous across the Milky Way even before he joined the Black Hole Gang. He set up his own pitstop, where members of the gang could refuel and repair their vehicles. Soon after, he stole a fortune on space-credits. He fled to Sector 6 of the Asteroid Cities. On hot trail was a Space Police officer on a Raptor. After arriving in a city, he spray-painted 'P-Squiddy Rules' onto a wall.

As 'Snake' was being interrogated in Space Police Sector 6 Precinct, Squidman broke in and rescued Snake. They then fled together.

On June 26th, at around 11:05 AM, Squidman traveled to Sector 17 of Starwood Commons, where he was spotted removing the window of a private residence.

In early July, Squidman was doing his laundry when a Space Police VX-Falcon crash-landed through his washing. It happened so fast that Squidman couldn't understand what was going on.

On July 27th at 2:53 AM, Squidman destroyed a space hyperspeed radar on the A53 Intergalactic Highway. With the radar broken, he and the Skull Twins used it as a racetrack.

Later, on Monday October 26th, at 19:21 AM, he traveled to Cosmic Brick Lane. While everyone was sleeping, he played his hyper-accordian and woke up all the residents.

On Friday, November 6th, at 04:92 GM, he was caught by the Space Police while spray painting his face on 10,000 moons of the Million Moons Mile in his high-altitude hyper-hoverpod. He was forced to do lots of community service as punishment.

On November 16th, at 03:12 AM, he was pursued over Gordon State Park by Space Police officer Officer Xlr’gkkt^9 and another officer. The chase ended as Xlr'gkkt^9 suddenly fell through the astro-turf.

Toward the end of 2979, Squidman, along with other members of the Black Hole Gang, attempted to steal part of a Galactic Enforcer. It ended in disaster, as the Space Police had surrounded the area.

By 2980, Squidman had been freed from jail. He got the parts needed to construct a robotic version of himself, intending the new robot, Squidtron 1.0, to be his assistant. However, he put too much intelligence into the robot, as it escaped to start a life of crime of its own.

On March 22nd, at 04:23 AM, Squidman was working at Suborbital Motel 11-8/D, when he was questioned by the Space Police on a robbery committed on 15th March. Squidman said he had been working at the Motel the entire time. Eyewitness reports confirmed this, leaving the Space Police baffled.

On April 12th, at 13:23 GM, Squidman was questioned by the Space Police again, this time on a robbery done on the 5th. Squidman once again denied that he had done the crime, and the Space Police had to let him go.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Squidman calls himself 'king of the Squid-Men', even though he is the only member of his species living in the Solar System. This may have been what prompted him to build Squidtron.

Squidman is gold-obsessed. He was wanted for gold theft, gold forging and gold smuggling.

Squidman can walk on any surface, due to his suction-cup feet.

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