A Spaceship is a vehicle used to get around space.


Spaceships were first used in the 1950s. These early ones were made to launch satellites into space. Advancment came in 1961, with the first minifig being taken into space. In 1969, the first minifigs landed on the moon. In 1981, the Space Shuttle flew for the first time.

In 2021, rockets had evanced enough so that it only took 3 weeks for the Solar Explorer to reach Mars.

In 2979, the Galactic Enforcer was created and used by Space Police.

In 2985, Classic Space started to design the LMS-Class spaceship. The first one, the LMS Explorer was ready in 2987. It was the put to use by the Rock Raiders. However, in 2999, the disappearence of the LMS Explorer ment that large spaceship plans were scrapped.

In 2987, Futuron was formed. Its purpose was to develope new technology. It developed many spaceships, such as the Stardefender 200-class spaceship.

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