The Solar System is a system of planets orbiting the Sun.


The Solar System was created many years ago. Just how it was is disputed. Some believe it was formed by a nebula, other believe it was created by a greater power.

Life formed on planets and moons including Earth and Mars. By 2500, the Solar System had been fully explored. It became a trading point for many cultures and species.



This is where all recyclable waste is converted into new items. All un-recyclable waste is launched into the sun from here. This planet is restricted to all but the Robotic Waste Transporters.


This planet is almost the same size of Earth. However, you would die as soon as you landed here, as it is the hottest planet in the Solar System, has poisonous gases and air pressure that would crush you. There are a number of space stations orbiting the planet, where scientists moniter the planet.


Earth is a unique planet. It is covered in greenery. In the 26th century, most of the population moved to the Asteroid Cities, allowing the planet to devote itself to agriculture. It now produces most of the Solar System's food. The seat of political power is also here.

The MoonEdit

This is the only moon of Earth. It was the sight of the first ever minifig space colonization.


Mars is home to the Martians. The Life on Mars Colonization Organization has a minifig colony here. In the 26th century, most of the Martian population moved to the new Martian colonies on the moons of Jupiter and Saturn, allowing the planet to devote itself to energy crystal mining (overseen by the Mars Mission Organization). It now produces most of the Solar System's power.

Asteroid BeltEdit

The Asteroid Belt is the most densly populated area in the Solar System. Most minifigs reside here in the Asteroid Cities. The belt is divided up into 10 sectors. Sector 6 is infamous for having a crime rise in the late 2970s.


Ceres is a dwarf planet. It is the capital of the belt.


This is the largest planet in the Solar System. It is a gas giant. As such, the most interesting places are on the moons. A few space stations orbit the planet. These space stations have shops, cafes and transport to the moons of Jupiter.


Europa has an ice and water mine on it.


Io has a space station in orbit around it, where scientists can observe the planet.


Ganymade is the site of a Martian colony. It has re-fueling points for space-travelers.


Callisto is the site of another Martian colony. Like the one on Ganymade, it is a good place to stock up.


Saturn is also a gas giant. It too has space stations in orbit around the planet.


This moon has been colonized by the Martians.


Titan is the sight of a minifig colony.


This is also a gas giant. It has a space station in orbit around it. Otherwise, it is not much interest except to scientists.


This is the last planet in the Solar System. There are a few space stations in orbit around the planet.


This moon has an ice mining station. As such, there is a small colony here.

Kuiper BeltEdit

This is a belt made up of icy objects. As such, there are many ice mines here which provide the Solar System's water supply.


This serves as the capital of the belt. It has several ice mines.


This also has two large ice mines.


This is the site of another ice mining station.

Scattered DiskEdit

The Scattered Disk is a disk of icy objects. There are some more ice mining stations here.


This is the main ice mining station of the Scattered Disk.

Hills CloudEdit

This is a disk of comets at the edge of the Scattered Disk.

Oort CloudEdit

The Oort Cloud is a sphere of comets at the very edge of the Solar System. Its size dwarfs the rest of the Solar System.

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