The Rock Raiders are a mining and exploration agency.


In 2970, Classic Space began to plan an agency to explore other Solar Systems. In 2975, the LMS Explorer began to be built. By 2995, it was finished, and Rock Raider Academy opened.

Soon after that, the LMS Explorer was sucked into a wormhole. The Rock Raiders became famous for mining Energy Crystals on Planet U and powering the Explorer back to Earth.

Soon after, the Energy Crystals were decided to be a suitable power source for Earth. Classic Space sent the LMS Explorer back to Planet U. The Rock Raiders then made a mining operation there.


The Rock Raiders, being linked to Classic Space, have a lot of technology at their disposal. They pre-dominently have the LMS Explorer which is equiped with engines which can achieve faster-than-light travel and a teleporter. They have a lot of buildings they can teleport down to the planet they are exploring, and have more than ten types of mining and exploration vehicles at their disposal.

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