Rench is the third nega-cousin of Kranxx on his quad-uncle's side. He too is a space criminal.


Early LifeEdit

Rench was born around the same time as Kranxx. It is likely that he too was put into stasis by the Space Police

Black Hole GangEdit

At the end of 2979, Rench was hired by the Black Hole Gang to occupy the Space Police. It is known that Rench had come back to the Asteroid Cities by January 1st, 2980, 01:23 AM, as the all-points news bulletin had announced he was back.

On January 11th, 05:17 AM, at Tesseract Way 1/B, he blew up a Comet Cola Machine. He escaped before the Space Police arrived.

Nearly a month later, on Febuary 8th, 07:15 GM, at Perseii Plasmaball Stadium, Rench dropped an asteroid into the middle of it. The asteroid had a big smiley face laser-burned into the side of it. Luckily, no one was at the stadium at the time, as it was a micrometeor-shower day.

On Febuary 15th, 11:17 AM, at Monorail Station D, Rench smashed up (with his face) an automated monorail car as it asked him for exact change.

On March 1st, 18:21 GM, at Old Town Alley, Rench was finally cornered by the Space Police.

On March 8th, 21:03 GM, Rench was questioned. However, he didn't give any answers.

During this time, Kranxx reguarly visited him, each time bringing him cakes with nail files in them. Rench reveiled this to the Space Police on April 19th, 07:16 AM, while being interrogated.

The interrogation continued on April 26th, 08:21 AM. Rench was asked why had had come to the Asteroid Cities. Rench replied: "You'll find out when the boss arives."


After the Black Hole Gang split up, a remnant of it came under Rench's control. He then re-organized it into Blacktron.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Rench has good strength, and can break nearly anything. He is wanted for smashing planetoids, bashing ultra-steel barriers and crunching prison pod walls.

Rench's favorite transport is a comet tail.

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