A Power Brick is a super-charged brick capable of producing large amounts of energy. It could also be used as a weapon.

General InformationEdit

A Power Brick has huge amounts of energy stored in it. If it were to be destroyed, it could destroy half of Earth. It is thought that due to the chemical structure, these bricks absorb hydrogen, possibly from a star.

LEGO Island Power BrickEdit

The first artificial Power Brick was made at a secret installation in the South-West of LEGOLAND. It was then loaded on board the SS LEGO Island. It was then used for the Power Brick Experiments. An energy burst killed all the scientists except the Informaniac. For the next 37 years, it was used to broadcast clean energy to LEGO Island. However, in 1984, the Brickster stole the Power Brick and used it as a weapon to take apart the buildings on the island. He was defeated by Bologna Roni.

In 1997, the Brickster once again stole the Power Brick. This time, he was defeated by Bologna's son, Pepper Roni.

10 years later, in the Invasion of LEGO Island, the Brickster split the Power Brick up. These were spread across the universe, but Pepper managed to collect them all.

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