Planet U is a planet in Andromeda System 0-0-1.



How Planet U was created is a mystery. Some believe it was formed from millions of small asteroids colliding with each other. Others believe it was created by a greater power. The great Energy Crystals were formed from Planet U's star's energy. Also formed were the more numerous Red and Green Energy Crystals.


The Great Energy Crystals, Blue, Orange, Silver and Gold, had great power stored in them. One day on Planet U, a meteorite shower occoured, damaging the crystals. Beams of energy were released. This made certain parts of the rock intelliegent, and thus made the Elemental Creatures. Rock, Ice and Lava beings populated Planet U and built numerous cities.


However, the civilization was not to last. The Great Energy Crystals turned un-stable, causing a shockwave the reduced the Elemental Creatures to brutes whos only purpose was to protect the crystals.

Rock RaidersEdit

In 2999, the Rock Raiders were transported to Planet U. They found the Energy Crystals, and ruins of the civilization. They came under attack by the Elemental Creatures, but managed to get the nessesary amount.

In 3000, the Rock Raiders came back to Planet U to start a mining operation. They divided the planet up into quadrants for easier exploration.

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