Minifigures, commonly known as Minifigs, are one of the main species of the Universe.



Minifigs originated from Earth, though how they did is just as disputed as the origin of the planet. The most common theory until recent times was that they evolved from apes. Others believe that the First Builders used pure imagination to create the minifig species.

If the evolution theory is correct, minifigs evolved into their current state at the time of the ice age.


Eventually, minifigs explored nearly all the Earth. Soon, all continents except Antarctica were populated. Minifigs soon began to develope the idea of civilization. Nations and states began to form. Some of them even took control of other states and formed empires.

However, the early empires disintergrated in the 1st millenium AD. Smaller countries flourished. Castles were built for protection.

Modern EraEdit

By the 20th century, minifigs had perfected technology enough to make cars, trains and planes. They formed the United Nations to keep peace inbetween the nations of the world. In 1961, Yuri Gagarin became the first minifig to go into outer space. A decade later, in 1969, Neil Armstrong became the first minifig to walk on the moon. In the period after that, the International Space Station was built. Cities like LEGO City expanded rapidly.

Exploring Other PlanetsEdit

In 2021, minifigs landed on Mars and made contact with martians. A colony was built there.

In 2948, Classic Space was formed. It made history when it sent spaceships to other star systems. Most of the planets that were found were colonized. The Eventually, some minifigs knew almost nothing about Earth, such as Major White.

By the late 30th Century, the planet of Ashlar was discovered. It was found that the inhabitants of the planet were minifigs who still used castles. One possible theory as to how this happened is that a time throwback occured.

At sometime around this time, Dr. Overbuild and Baron Typhonus went on a space expedition to find the essence of pure imagination. Along the way, they were joined by space pirate Hael Storm and warrior knight Duke Exeter. They eventually did find it, however, Baron Typhonus accidentally corrupted it and changed it into the Maelstrom.

The discovery of the essence of imagination makes it difficult to determin the origin of minifigs. The obvious answer would be that the First Builders created them, though evolutionists point to evidence of cavemen as proof of evolution.


A minifig's life force is known as their creative spark. Until recently, this was unknown. The creative spark allows minifigs to construct a creation if the right componants are there. When creative sparks are deminished, a minifig dies.

Minifigs are mostly organic, though in recent times mechanical componants are not uncommon. After a creative spark is deminished, the organic componants decay.

If a minifig has enough imagination, they can deconstruct themselves into nine parts: the head, the body, the arms, the hands, the hip and the legs. Most minifigs on LEGO Island have mastered this skill.

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