The Mars Mission Organization is a mining organization whos main purpose is to mine and research the Energy Crystals on Mars.


In 2507, Energy Crystals were discovered on Mars. Prominent mining companies banded together to make a consortium to mine the Energy Crystals. Their shuttle landed on Mars and they built the MB-01 Eagle Command Base. The also found that the Crystalien species had started to war against the Martians. They defended the Martians.

In 2508, the Crystalien Hive was revealed. Mars Mission managed to destroy the hive.

In 2509, the ETX Alien Mothership II crash-landed on Mars. The Crystaliens set up a tempory base to mine Energy Crystals to repair the Mothership. Mars Mission launched loads of attacks against the Crystaliens, however, the Crystaliens did manage to repair the ship.

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