Mars is the 4th planet from the sun. It has two moons, Phobos and Deimos.


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Solar System

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Mars came into existence many, many years ago. Just how long ago it was created and how it was created is disputed amongst the Minifig and Martian species. Some believe that it was created by a greater power, while others believe that it slowly formed over millions of years from billions of tiny asteriods colliding into one another and forming the planet.


This is another disputed subject. Some Martians believe that they were created by a greater power, while others believe they slowly formed over some time.

Minifigs land on MarsEdit

In 2031, Minifigs landed on Mars. This was a short expedition, and no contact in between Martian and Minifig took place.

Friendly ContactEdit

In 2101, the Solar Explorer was on its way to Mars when it was hit by an Asteroid. It crash-landed, destroying much of the local scenery and the old Martian base. Luckily, Martian scientists evacuated the base before the crash. A Red Planet Protector investigated, and found the Minifigs. The Minifigs established peace with the Martians and set up a colony.

Crystalien ConflictEdit

In 2107, the Crystaliens landed on Mars and declared war on the Martians and Minifigs. This was at the same time as the Mars Mission Organization landed on Mars. The MMO set up the Eagle Command Base and the Crystaliens set up the Hive. However, the base that was constantly used in the first months was the ETX Alien Mothership.

In 2108, the EXT Alien Mothership was destroyed. The Crystaliens revealed the hive and started to attack the Minifigs and Martians more severly. The Hive was eventually destroyed, but the Alien Commander, Alien Queen and a few Drones and Infiltrators survived. They escaped off the Red Planet.

Conflict TwoEdit

In 2109, the Alien Commander crash-landed on Mars. He had Devastators (which he had renamed Laser Troopers) Battle Arachnoid Mini-Bots as well as the Crystalien Drones. He built a new base and sent Drones out to get crystals to repair the ETX Alien Mothership II. This sparked off a conflict inbetween Mars Mission and the Crystaliens again.

The Alien Commander then found out that Plisken was on Mars. Together they made an alliance against Mars Mission.

Mars Mission then launched an attack to try and capture Plisken. They failed.

However, Mars Mission lauched attack after attack after attack. This damaged the Mothership more and more. However, the Alien Commander increased the number of workers working on the Mothership. It was finished, and before Mars Mission had a chance to attack, it took off, leaving the Solar System.

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