LEGO Island is an island in the Phanta Sea.

LEGO Island

Official Name

Overseas District of LEGO Island




Around 50


South-East of Bermuda Triangle

Member of




Sometime in the past, a minifigure recieved into his possession a power brick. He used it to build the SS LEGO Island. He had many adventures on the ship, and one day he used the power brick to create an island. He also used it to make a new minifigure. The new minifigure and the minifigure who owned the power brick spent many happy days playing with each other. The new minifig called the minifig who owned the power brick the 'Informaniac', as the Informaniac was the only minifig to know completely abut the island. The Informaniac in turn called the new minifig the 'Brickster'.

However, when the Informaniac mentioned the idea of building a new minifigure to play with them, the Brickster turned mentaly unstable. He used the power brick to steal many of LEGO Island's bricks, built a spaceship and left LEGO Island, found an asteroid and using the bricks to build a shelter there, named it "OGEL Island", as a mockery of LEGO Island's name. In 1968, a hurricane blew the Gustatory Delight to LEGO Island. The Informaniac invited the passengers of the ship, Mac and Sandy Roni, to stay on LEGO Island, and they accepted the offer.


Captain C.D. Rom, Nick and Laura Brick decided to form a police department for LEGO Island. This ment that a police station was built. The island expanded, and by 1976, it had expanded enough to have a superstore and a hospital. The Informaniac compiled the Constructopedia. Using the Power Brick, the Informaniac established a link between the book and the buildings themselves, to the extent that if the building's page was ripped out, the building would deconstruct. In 1979, L.E.G.O. Radio was established on LEGO Island.

Return of the BricksterEdit

In 1984, the Brickster landed a Fish Ship on LEGO Island, stole the Helicopter and Power Brick and started to cause mayhem. Laura Brick, Nick Brick and Bologna Roni chased the Brickster to the residential area of LEGO Island. The Brickster also stole some pizzas on the way. With the knowledge that the Brickster liked pizzas, Bologna put a Pizza on Space Mountain. The Brickster went to Space Mountain and began to eat the pizza, but then the members of L.I.P.D. caught him. The Brickster was then put in the Metro PD Jail.

The Brickster Breaks OutEdit

By 1997, LEGO Island was a bustling town. Races were held at the Racetrack and the beach every day. However, one day, Mr. Pollywanna visited the Brickster. The Brickster did his best imitation of Nick Brick's voice, asking for a pizza to be delivered to the jail. Mr. Pollywanna, who acted as a 'telephone' for the Brickolini's, went back to the Pizzeria and repeated the order to Papa Brickolini. Pepper Roni then delivered the pizza. Because he wasn't very good at spelling, he thought the 'NO PIZZAS' sign read 'NO PIZAZ'. Pepper then gave the pizza to the Brickster, who used the super hot pizza to melt the lock off his bars. He then got into the helicopter and stole the Power Brick. Laura and Nick Brick rushed toward the scene immediatly, guessing the Brickster had tricked Pepper. They briefed Pepper, then hopped onto their motorcycles. Pepper followed them to where the Brickster presumably was. Just as they got there, the Brickster arrived in the ambulance. He drove into the residential area and started to make the buildings smaller. He dropped parts of the helicopter on the way. He then drove the ambulance into Captain Click's Cave and hid the remaining parts of the helicopter across the island. Pepper collected the parts and re-assembled the helicopter. He then got some pizzas and doughnuts. He got into the helicopter and used the pizzas to lure the Brickster to the police, while using the doughnuts to guide the police to the Brickster. The Brickster was captured and put back in jail.

Summer of 1999Edit

In 1999, Luna Rom was invited by Captain C.D. Rom (her uncle) to spend the Summer on LEGO Island. Seeing as LEGO Island was on the top ten holiday destinations, she accepted. That year, Dr. Ignatius Voltage came to LEGO Island by speedboat. Also, a famous painting was put in the LEGO Island museum. Unfortunatly, the Brickster escaped jail and stole the painting, and then used the Power Brick to cause a rift in time. He then stole the speedboat and went though the rift in time, arriving in Castle Island in mediaeval times. Pepper and Luna followed him, and retreved the painting, but not the Brickster. The Infomaniac then closed the rift.

Later that summer, he lured Arnold, Pepper's friend and fellow delivery boy, to a house on LEGO Island. He then trapped Arnold in the house. Pepper and Luna recued Arnold. The next day, the Brickster and his new Brickster-Bots stole the oven at the Pizzeria. They put it on a Fish Ship and took it to Earth's moon. Pepper and Luna got in a Space Shuttle and pursued the Brickster. They returned to LEGO Island with both the oven and the Brickster.

The Brickster's RevengeEdit

In 2001, the Infomaniac decided that Pepper should have a house of his own. He gave Pepper the task of delivering some pizzas to the citizens of LEGO Island. For every pizza he delivered, some bricks were given to Bill Ding to build Pepper's house with.

After a day of delivering pizzas, Papa Brickolini asked Pepper to deliver a non-spicy pizza to the jail. Pepper acepted. However, the Brickster had managed to steal lots of spices over the years, so he put them on the pizza. He then used his dragon breath the melt the door of the jail. He then got into the helicopter, went to the Information Centre and stole the Constructopedia. He also used the Power Brick to open two time rifts: one to mediaeval times, another to the 1930's. He tore out the pages of the Constructopedia and hid around half of them on LEGO Island, a quarter on Castle Island and a quarter on Adventurers' Island. Pepper then defeated the Brickster Bots using pizza and collected the pages until LEGO Island was whole again. However, the Brickster came back with a wave of pizza-imune Brickster Bots and kidnapped Mamma and Papa Brickolini. Pepper and DJ Jackitt teamed up, making the Brickster Bots dance to the radio, until they fell apart. Pepper then went to Technician Bob's Space Simulation Station. He also did parachute training. Finally, he went into the shuttle and took off. He then went to OGEL Island and defeated the Brickster, locking him up in his own jail. After that, the citizens of LEGO Island celebrated, and even a few Brickster Bots decided to dance with them.

Xtreme StuntsEdit

In 2002, the Brickster returned to LEGO Island. He claimed that he was reformed and apologized for the mayhem he caused. However, a few minifigs, like Nick Brick suspected he was up to no good.

Soon after that, the Director came to LEGO Island to film a new movie, Xtreme Stunts. He casted Pepper and Sky Lane as the hero and heroine, respectively, and the Brickster as the villan. The movie was split into five parts: Freeway Fenzy, Motorbike Mayhem, Wave Catcher, Air Chase and Ripcord Rescue. However, as the filming finished, the Brickster revealed it was all a cover up. He had programmed his Brickster Bots to build a tower for him. He had made a supercomputer that would deconstruct all of the bricks except his. He also captured the Infomaniac. Pepper went to the tower and pulled off the world's record grind to reach the top of the tower. He rescued the Infomaniac, and Sky got them away in a helicopter. She revealed she had hacked into the supercomputer and now the Brickster's tower was going to deconstruct instead. The L.I.P.D. put the Brickster in jail and the citizens of LEGO Island were finally able to watch the premiere of Xtreme Stunts.

Major LocationsEdit

Information CentreEdit

The Information Centre was constructed by the Infomaniac, and is the Infomaniac's home. Its ground floor had a museum, the Informaniac's desk and the scorecube. The first floor was a swimming pool the Nick Brick would visit often. The observation deck is a sort of control room for the Power Brick.

Brickolini's PizzeriaEdit

This is the only restraunt on LEGO Island. It also serves as a home of sorts for the Brickolini's. Food critics argue that the best pizza in the world is made here. Working here are Mamma and Papa Brickolini, Pepper Roni and Arnold.

Underground RacetrackEdit

This race track is almost entirly underground, with aprox. 150 yards of it on the ground. The main part of the track is an underwater dome which allows the racers to see the sea. It has many hazards, including a giant skeleton and a rotating octapus.

Space MountainEdit

A hill on the west side of the island. On the south part of the hill is the Residential Area with a grand total of 4 houses. On the north side is Mission Control and a Space Simulation Station.

Captain Click's CaveEdit

A cave in the side of the island. If someone knocked on the door, the captain would shoo them away. If they persisted, he would tell them a secret about LEGO Island. If they went on, he would blow a rasberry at them, calling it 'a present from the Brickster'. In 2001, Captain Click was persuaded to move out by Darren, Rich Pickings, Rob Banks and Steve Hen, who wanted to make a place for their design studio. They changed to lock's password to SDREAMS. Eventually, Pepper discovered that and visited them.


LEGO Island has a large economy for such a small island. As there are only 4 houses on the island, house prices are sky-high. There are also a number of shops on the island, such as the Super 2 superstore and the Trademart. There is a rivalry inbetween the two shops for the most customers. There is one restraunt, the Pizzeria, which food critics say serves the best pizza in the world. Even the film industry contributed to LEGO Island, as Xtreme Stunts was shot on the island.

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