LEGO City is the capital of LEGOLAND. It is a global hub for business, tourism and shopping. It is by far the largest city in the country and one of the largest cities in the world, encompassing a population of around 10 million minifigs.


Official Name

City of LEGO City




10,000,000 (estimate)



Member of



LEGO City was founded sometime around 1788. During its first 50 years, it was a trading post. In 1838, it became the capital of LEGOLAND.

LEGO City became one of the biggest ports in the world. Brick production also prospered. In 1810, the LEGO City Stock Exchange opened. By World War One, LEGO City was one of the biggest cities in the world. WW1 greatly increased demand for LEGOLAND-made products.

LEGO City was still one of the biggest cities when World War Two started. Due to its position, it was not affected by WW2.

In 2005, a period of expansion that continued for many years began. A programme of mass construction was started. The police and fire departments both expanded their respective headquarters.

In 2006, a new hospital was constructed. A new train station and a new airport were also built to improve LEGO City's transport links.

2007 was a year of great progress. The fire department once again expanded, and another train station was built. Octan Service Stations were built, and the LEGO City Harbour was expanded. As a result of this, the LEGO Cargo Company was formed.

2008 continued the period of expansion. The Coast Guard were re-organized and built the Goast Guard Platform and Tower to the LEGO City beach. The LEGO Cargo Company used trucks, forklifts and planes to deliver their packages, and mail began to be delivered in vans and small planes. The Police Department expanded and a larger police headquarters were constructed. In addition, the new Agents Defense Organization set up their headquarters in an unknown city location.

By 2009, LEGO City was a bustling city. New farms were constructed on the outskirts of the city. Wind turbines became the main source of power for the city. The construction crew expanded the city even more, adding shops, restaurants, city corners, garages and more. Phone booths, traffic lights, street signs, benches and BBQ stands were set up on the streets of LEGO City. Racing championships were held in the city regularly. Unfortunately, the evil Dr. Inferno tried to take over LEGO City with his giant robot. However, he was foiled by the Agents Defense Organization.

In April 2010, LEGO City was attacked by mutant dinosaurs. The population was evacuated. The Dino Attack Team constructed the Dino Attack HQ in the heart of the ruined city. Eventually, the dinosaurs were driven back and the city was re-populated. Expansion restarted, and a new fire station and a new airport were constructed.

In 2011, a new Space Centre was constructed. Rockets were launched regularly from the new facility. On the LEGO City beach, a new marina was constructed, and there was a large increase of the popularity of the beach.


LEGO City is a global economic hub. The city is home to many large corporations, such as Octan and City Shipping. The city is also the central hub of LEGO Airways. The GDP of the city is around 500 billion studs.

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