Kranxx, also known as Plisken, is a criminal and leader of the Black Hole Gang.


Conflict On MarsEdit

In his earlier days, Kranxx was known as Plisken. It is also known he commanded a small gang of criminals.

In 2109, Kranxx fled to Mars with his gang. He found a mine, with a single Crystalien mining a huge crystal. Seeing the value of the crystal, Kranxx distracted the Crystalien long enough to steal it. However, he was arrested by the then-new Space Police. Soon after, several Crystaliens freed Kranxx and brought him to their leader, who made an alliance with Kranxx. Kranxx then sneaked into a Mars Mission base and hotwired an MT-61 Crystal Reaper. He brought the Reaper to the Crystaliens.

Later, Mars Mission attacked his Space Criminal Base. The Alien Commander came to his aid and put Battle Arachnoid Mini-Bots and Laser Troopers into the battle. They held out for a good 10 minutes. Kranxx then decided to flee Mars.

Black Hole GangEdit

Soon after, Kranxx moved his gang to the Asteroid Cities. The gang was now known as the Black Hole Gang. On June 29th, 2109, at 4:02 PM, he was swerving in front of a school bus. As such, he was arrested.

By July 28th, he was freed. At 3:06 PM, he went to Galaxy Mart and stole lots of perfume. He then proceeded to drink the perfume, probably trying to cure his bad breath.

In early August, he sneaked into Jo-Co's Diner, where he found a squad of the Space Police discussing the recent activity by his gang. He disguised himself as a waiter, and served the squad a time bomb. In the resulting chaos, he was buried under a pile of food. He was then arrested and put into the cell of a Space Police VX-Falcon. Shortly after, he was transferred to a Galactic Enforcer, but was broken out by Slizer in a Strike Stealthcraft.

On October 7th, Kranxx used his Micro-Stellar Gravity Generator in Pollux Cluster 16 North to actually re-arrange constellations. However, a Space Police Officer armed with Anti-Ion Sheilding arrived on the scene, and forced Kranxx to put the stars back into their proper positions.

On November 11th at 4:19 AM, Kranxx traveled to Jovan II, known across the galaxy for its cosmic storm. He entered the Weather Domination Capsule above the storm and altered the weather for it to be nice and sunny for the Black Hole Gang's semi-annual picnic. Space Police let him off with only a warning.

Six days later at 14:45 DM, Kranxx tried to break through the containment nega-field of a purple-skinned Supernova-Worm's pen at the Pan-Galactic Cosmo-Zoo. When asked why, he replied that he thought it was his mother.

Toward the end of the year, he was captured along with the other members of the Black Hole Gang. By 2110, he had been freed.

After his third-nega-cousin Rench was captured, he began to visit the prison every day with cakes for Rench. Inside the cakes were nail files, for unknown reasons.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Kranxx is scruffy, stinky and is known across the galaxy for his bad table manners. He has very bad breath. It is unknown if all of Kranxx's species have this as a defensive trait.

Kranxx's favorite vehicle is the Hotrod Hover-Cycle.

Kranxx was wanted for the crimes of spaceship theft, intergalactic gambling and illegal robot rustling.

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