Governor Broadside is a well-respected governor among Britain, France and Spain.


Early LifeEdit

Broadside was born sometime in the late 1700s in England. He and his sister, Prudence, at one point after the Battle of Waterloo, moved to the French colony of Eldorado. When Prudence married a French admiral, she used her influence to make Broadside the governor of Eldorado. After that, he met two figures who were to be important later in his life, Lieutenant de Martinet, who would later become the commander of Eldorado Fortress, and Captain Roger Redbeard, who whould be his arch-nemisis for life.

Imperial SoldiersEdit

In 1819, Broadside heard from a spy that the pirates were on the track of Blackhearts' treasure. When he requested proof, the spy sent half of the Golden Medalion along with the monkey Spinoza, on an Imperial ship. The ship was however raided by the pirates.

Three days later, while enjoying a large lunch, Governor Broadside was approached by de Martinet, who announced that they had captured Boatswain Will. He was brought before Broadside, who sentanced him to a whipping before hanging. Broadside's niece, Camilla, pleaded with Broadside to be more merciful, as Will had helped her in the past. Broadside decided to leave out the whipping, but still wanted Will hung next morning. Broadside then finished his lunch in peace.

The next morning, Broadside was furious that in the night, Redbeard had damaged the Eldorado Fortress, freed Will and captured Camilla. He was more furious about the former than the latter two. Before he could punish de Martinet, an Imperial Soldier entered the room with Popsy. When Popsy repeated an insult toward Broadside, Broadside ordered the parrot to be roasted. He quickly changed his mind when Popsy repeated the location of the treasure. Governor Broadside decided to ready a Caribbean Clipper to head for Shipwreck Island.

Governor Broadside and the Imperial Soldiers arrived at Shipwreck island to see an arguement inbetween Redbeard's pirates and Captain Foul's pirates. Immediatly, they ceased arguing and combated the Imperials, but then they started arguing about how to share the treasure. Popsy, who Broadside had brought, threw a fit, which Redbeard explained ment the volcano was about to eurupt. As the volcano eurupted, Broadside quickly got Camilla back from the pirates and raced back to the Clipper. He sailed back to Eldorado without any treasure.

Imperial GuardsEdit

Soon after, Broadside moved to the British colony of Port Royal. The government there appointed him Governor of Port Royal. As such, he became the de facto leader of the Imperial Guard. He began to have much better luck against Captain Redbeard, however, as many times as he captured Redbeard, Redbeard escaped.

Soon after, Captain Ironhook's Renegade Pirates discovered Encharnted Island, Governor Broadside tried to get King Kahuka's treasure, however, he had no more luck than the Renegade Pirates had.

A year later, Governor Broadside, commanding from an Imperial Outpost, had many attempts to capture Redbeard at Skull Island.

During this time, he worked with Admiral Woodhouse, the leader of the Imperial Guard.

Imperial ArmadaEdit

Governor Broadside never became Governor of Porta Espana, and as such never became de facto leader of the Armada. However, he was trusted enough for the Armada to send a fleet to help him capture Redbeard. One day, when he was fishing at the Imperial Outpost, he discovered a bottle containing a treasure map. He brought it to his quarters, and planned to set sail tomorrow. However, Redbeard and his crocodile saw this, and Redbeard sent the crocodile to get the map. When the crocodile had got the map and was sneaking out of the window, Broadside woke up, and wrestled the crocodile away from the map. The Armada arrived too late, as Redbeard and the crocodile escaped.

The next morning, Broadside set sail on an Armada Flagship. However, they came under attack by a Redbeard Runner. After the pirates surrendered, Broadside made Redbeard walk the plank.

Following the map, the flagship came across the island. Broadside traveled inland with a shovel. Finding a large 'X' in the ground, he began to dig, and found the treasure. Redbeard arrived, and got into a fight with Broadside. Broadside won, and buried Redbeard in the sand. He returned with the treasure to the Armada Flagship.

This incident inproved his popularity a lot.

LEGO World Racing ChampionshipEdit

In 2105, Rocket Racer started the LEGO World Racing Championship. He went back in time to 1829 and had a track set up in Port Royal. Governor Broadside, curious about the championship, signed on. In Curcuit 1, he raced against an unidentified young racer, Captain Redbeard, Rob-n-Hood, Ann Droid and King Hotep III, coming 3rd overall. This allowed him to go on to Curcuit 4, where he raced against exactly the same people, except Captain Redbeard was replaced by Johnny Thunder. The tracks he raced on were at Port Royal, Dark Forest, the Magma Moon and Egypt.

Royal NavyEdit

A decade after he raced in the championship, Redbeard had disappeared, but was replaced by Brickbeard. To help counter the new pirates, Broadside was put in charge of a whole fleet of the Royal Navy. He then built a Soldiers' Fort in Port Royal to command the fleet from.

Months into his admiralship, he was given orders to capture Brickbeard. He bribed a pirate oarsman into giving him the locations of pirate locations.

When the New Pirates raided settlements, Governor Broadside destroyed the raiding party and put explosives in the pirates secret routes. Later, an Armada Flagship jettisoned its payload. Broadside retreived it.

The Royal Navy continued its opression of the Islanders. This made King Kahuka ally with the New Pirates. To counter this alliance, Broadside freed a Ninja Master who was being held by the Islanders. This ment the Ninjas made an alliance with the Royal Navy.

Broadside later protected a major Royal shipping lane and re-built some cannon coves in the north. The Royal Navy then raided an Islander temple guarded by pirates and managed to bribe several rebellious pirates to stage a mutiny on Brickbeard's Bounty.

Drawing close to Brickbeard's secret cove, Broadside chased off some monkeys and claimed the islands for the British Empire. They then destroyed a pirate base in the west, and set up some mines to mine more metal.

At last, he found the secret cove. He brought his niece, Camilla, to see what would become of the pirates who kidnapped her. The Royal Navy destroyed every pirate in sight, and wrecked the pirates' hold. The only two survivors were Brickbeard and an Oarsman, who Broadside buried into the sand, much like he did with Redbeard 11 years earlier. Governor Broadside then ordered the construction of a new, bigger Imperial Flagship, which he hoped to use to wipe out the pirates.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Governor Broadside loves peace, quiet, and food. He often tried to find ways, especially while working with the Imperial Soldiers, to be able to eat a lot. More than anything, he hates pirates, and will go to far measures to bring them to justice. He also sees the Islanders as savages, and thus oppresses them and tries to convert them to his idea of civilizied.

He often acted much happier and calmer when working with the Imperial Guard and the Royal Navy, while stern and easily-angered while working with the Imperial Soldiers. These contrasting personalities suggest that Broadside trusts the English far more than the French, and sees the English as better and more disciplined, while the French as uncooperative and less disciplined. This may also explain why Broadside does not show much care towards his niece Camilla, since her father is presumably a French admiral.

Governor Broadside is not incredibly brave, preferring to send his men out instead of doing things himself. However, he is a skilled swordfighter, and is known for his excellent leadership.

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