An Energy Crystal is a crystal that has energy stored within it.

Known Types of Energy CrystalsEdit

Planet U Energy CrystalsEdit

Originally, on Planet U, there were only four energy crystals, Blue, Orange, Silver and Gold. These created numerous Red and Green Energy Crystals.

Mars Energy CrystalsEdit

On Mars, there are crystals which are made up of a substance convertable into Energy. They are used for most of the Solar System's power.

Mars Power CrystalsEdit

On Mars, there are two types of crystal: the Energy Crystals explained above and the Power Crystals. The Power Crystals are orange crystals which have a substance in them which can produce energy. Most Martians prefer these to the Energy Crystals.

Earth Energy CrystalsEdit

On Earth, there are crystals which have drawn energy from the planet's core. When Rock Monsters eat them, they send out an energy surge which causes an earthquake.

Holrox Energy OrbsEdit

On Holrox, there are strange orbs which are convertable into Energy. These are mined by the Insectoids.

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