Earth is the 3rd planet from the Sun. It has its own moon.


Official Name

Terra Firma

Minifig Population

1,000,000,000 (note: population was much higher before mass colonization of the asteroid belt)


Solar System

Dominent Species




Earth came into existence many, many years ago. Just how long ago it was created and how it was created is disputed amongst the Minifig species. Some believe that it was created by a greater power, while others believe that it slowly formed over millions of years from billions of tiny asteriods colliding into one another and forming the planet.


How life was made is another hotly disputed subject. Some believe that a greater� power created minifigs. Others believe the minifig species evolved from primate beings such as apes at around the time of the Ice Age.

Most dinosaurs were killed at this time. There are two conflicting theories as to why. One is that 65 million years ago, an asteroid smashed into the planet, making the dinosaurs extinct. Another is that during the Ice Age, dinosaurs were wiped out by the ice sheet. One thing is certain - some dinosaurs survived on an island that has since broken up into Dinosaur Island, Dino Island and Adventurers' Island.


Slowly, early minifigs began to form civilization, the art of living peacably with other people. The most early civilization was probably the Ancient Egyptians. Soon followed Atlantis. Around a thousand years later, the Greek Empire formed. Eventually, the Greek Empire gave way to the Roman Empire.

In AD 285 the Roman Empire was divided into the Western Roman Empire and the Byzantine Empire. In AD 476, the Western Roman Empire ended. This ment its territory was divided up. In England, many small kingdoms grew, such as the Royal Kingdom. Such was the rivalry inbetween these kingdoms, that Castle Island became one of the most hotly contested regions in the world. In AD 1453, the Byzantine Empire collapsed to the Ottoman-Turk Empire, which lasted until 1923.

Discovery of AmericaEdit

In 1492, Christopher Columbus discovered what is now known as the Bahamas. Since then, North and South America was discovered. Originally under colonial rule, in 1776, the Declaration of Independence was declared. Between 1775 and 1783, America and Britain were at war against each other. America won, establishing the United States of America (U.S.A.)

Imperial MightEdit

The discovery of America allowed the western countries to expand their empires. In the Carribean, Port Royal, Sabre Island and Port Espana were discovered. This allowed many admirals and governors to snatch up power.

The island of LEGOLAND was discovered at that time. It was originally made up of British and French colonies. However, disagreements inbetween to two allowed LEGOLAND to achieve independence very early.

20th CenturyEdit

By the 20th century, the western countries had vast empires. Technology had improved, with cars and trains being made.

In 1914, the Archduke of Austria was assasinated. This resulted in demands against Serbia. After Serbia did 8, not the full 10 demands, Austraia-Hungry decalred war on Serbia. The Russian Empire then declared war on Austria-Hungry. The German Empire supported Austria-Hungry, and declared war. The French declared war against Germany. When Germany invaded Belgium to get to France, Britain came in support of Belgium and declared war on Germany. The Ottoman Empire joined soon after. This made the situation of Britain, Russia and France vs. Germany, Austria-Hungry and the Ottoman Empire. The USA and Italy joined Britain, Russia and France later in the war. Because LEGOLAND had strong relationships with Britain, it also joined in 1915. The result of the war was the German, Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman Empires collapsing.

1938 Martian UFO CrashEdit

In 1938, a UFO from Mars crashed on Earth. This coincided with War of the Worlds being transmitted on BBC Radio. That ment that the few minifigs who knew about the crash thought it was un-friendly. The Martians were secretly driven off the planet.

Second World WarEdit

In 1938, Germany annexed Austria. This was met with little response as the other European nations had a policy of appeasement. Encouraged, Germany annexed part of Czechoslovakia. Britain and France agreed to it as long as Germany didn't annex any more territory. Then, Germany invaded the rest of Czechoslovakia and split it into the German protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia and the pro-German Slovak Rebublic. Britain and France guarunteed their support to Poland if it was invaded. After that, Germany made the Pact of Steel with Italy and the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact with the USSR.

On 1st September 1939, Germany invaded Poland. This resulted in Britain and France declaring war on Germany. LEGOLAND also followed their lead. Later in the war, the USSR would swich sides and the U.S.A. would enter the war.

The war ended with the Axis powers (Germany, Italy and Japan) being defeated.

The Space RaceEdit

In 1961, the USSR launched the first minifig, Yuri Gagarin, into space. This launched the space race. In 1969, Neil Armstrong became the first minifig to walk on the moon. In 1971, the first space station was put into orbit. In 1981, the first Space Shuttle was tested. The Space Shuttle lasted until 2010, just before the Dino Attack.

The 2000sEdit

in 2000, Ogel began to build an army. The leaders of the world agreed to making a new agency to counter the threat of Ogel: Alpha Team. In 2001, Alpha Team managed to defeat Ogel.

In 2002, Ogel bean to enslave sea creatures. His plot was foiled, but he managed to escape.

In 2004, Ogel began to freeze the desert. He planned to freeze time itself, and did for around 1 week at the beginning of 2005, but, in a battle with Agent Zed, he was defeated and went into hiding.

In 2007, the Brickster once again broke out of jail. He invaded a number of locations around the planet, before Pepper Roni stopped him.

In 2008, the Agents Defence Organization was formed to protect LEGOLAND. A new villan, Dr. Inferno, revealed himself. LEGOLAND's government gave the ADO orders to destroy Dr. Inferno. The ADO pushed Dr. Inferno into hiding.

In 2009, Dr. Inferno began making more little strikes. However, this was a cover up for the giant robot he was making. He un-leashed the robot, planning to take over LEGO City, then the world. However, the ADO managed to defeat the robot and send Dr. Inferno into hiding again. Also that year, strange rumblings began to be felt. The Power Miners were sent to investigate.

2010: Dino AttackEdit

In 2010, mutant dinosaurs began to attack Earth. Alpha Team proposed making a Dino Attack Team, and the proposal was accepted. Alpha Team provided personnel and special operations, the LEGOLAND military provided combat agents and many scientists joined to offer their expertise. In a spectacular final battle, the dinosaurs were driven back. The minifig species began to re-populate many cities.

Great ExpansionEdit

Earth then improved in technology. In 2020, technology had advanced enough to allow astronauts to go back to the moon. In 2021, spaceships had advanced enough to go to Mars.

In 2500, most of the population left for the Asteroid Cities. This allowed Earth to devote itself to agriculture. It produced most of the Solar System's food. The seat of political power stayed on Earth as well.


Like all other planets, it has a planetary government. The cental Solar System government is based here as well.

Composition and StructureEdit


Earth's geography varies greatly from location to location.

Most of Earth is covered with water, which forms rivers, lakes, and oceans. Much geography can be located beneath the surface of the water, including undersea volcanoes, oceanic trenches, submarine canyons, oceanic plateaus, and abyssal plains. The oceans are home to much life on the Earth, and even some Minifigs live underwater in areas like the Aquazone.

In comparison, only a small percentage of the Earth is land above water. The land is covered with mountains, deserts, plains, plateaus, and other landforms. In addition, large numbers of wildlife such as trees formed forests and jungles, while Minifigs have constructed vast cities, roads, and farms.

Weather and ClimateEdit

The hottest areas on Earth are found at the equator, where the planet recieves the most direct� sunlight. Here, the climate and weather tends to be very hot and humid. The subtropical climates are found just north and south of the tropical climates, where the weather is also hot and humid, but usually to a lesser degree.

The temperate climate is found farther north and south of the equator. The climate ranges from hot to cold during the year, and the climate may range from desert to temperate forest. The temperate climate is known for being divided into four seasons: winter, spring, summer, and autumn, with winter being the coldest and summer being the hottest.

At the north and south poles, the polar climates are found. The polar climates tend to be freezing and barely suitable for life such as Minifigs. However, the poles are not completely uninhabitable, as Alpha Team have a base here.

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