A Crystalien Base is a base or outpost used by Crystaliens.


When the Crystaliens first started to conquer the galaxy, they set up bases on nearly every planet they conquered. These were constructed by Infiltrators, who carried technology that could quickly assemble the buildings. However, by 2029, Battle Arachnoid Mini-Bots had taken over constuction.

When the Crystaliens conquered Mars, Crystalien Bases were constructed en masse.

Because of the Energy Crystals and LEGO Bricks needed for constuction, bases were often built near energy fields.

Most Crystalien Bases are outposts and not permanent, in fact, only one permanent bases have ever been built, the Alien Hive.



The hive is the central part of a base. Before Breeding Pits were invented, most Crystaliens were hatched in these.

Energy GeneratorEdit

The building was where Energy Crystals were brought to be turned into energy. In 2027, a major tactic of Mars Mission was to bomb the generators, making the aliens sitting ducks.

Breeding PitEdit

This building contains a pool of green liquid with DNA inside it. Breeding Pits allow Crystaliens to be created fastly. However, the Breeding Pit can only create a small number of Crystaliens. In effect, it is a small hive.

Assault TurretEdit

This building resembles an Alien Speeder on a support. The main purpose of this building is to defend the Hive. It can take down a Mars Mission vehicle in seconds. They had some flaws though, and they were replaced with the more effecient Spires.

Battle FoundryEdit

This building made the Crystalien land vehicles, such as Alien Speeders or Dragon Cruisers.

Sonar StationEdit

This building allowed the Crystaliens to map the area. It also served as a base for the Alien Strike Fighters.

Experiment LabEdit

This was where the Crystalien scientists and engineers work. They would conduct research on prisoners here, as well as experiments on Energy Crystals. Viper Attack jetpacks could be infused with Crystaliens here. Another thing the scientists did was to create artificial Crystalien DNA.

Orbital UplinkEdit

This building can upgrade the Sonar Station's radar. It could also fire a 4T2 Ion Disruptor, which could cause a large explosion in the area it was targeted at.

Crater BaseEdit

This is the command centre of most bases. It includes quarters for the Alien Commander, as well as a factory for Battle Arachnoid Mini-Bots. If a Harvester was not present, Battle Arachnoid Mini-Bots would drop off Energy Crystals here, where they could be turned into energy, although not as refeined as a Harvester would do.


As Breeding Pits can only create a dozen Crystaliens at a time, it is not that effecient. By 2029, they had been partialy replaced by Hatcheries. They contain lots of growth-accelerated Crystalien DNA that is injected into tubes of green liquid. This allows fast expansion of the Crystalien Army.


This is where Battle Arachnoid Mini-Bots would drop off the Energy Crystals. It refines the crystals and turns them into Energy.

Well CapEdit

This acts as a mine for bricks. This helps expansion of the base. The rate of mining can be speeded up by a Power Brick.

Creation PitEdit

This is basicly a more efficient Battle Foundry. It produces many of the same vehicles.


This building makes the Crystalien water-based vehicles. The only base this was seen at was the original one on Europa.


This is a type of tower that can fire lasers. It doesn't need to be manned and it doesn't use many Energy Crystals - making it efficient.

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