The Constructopedia is a book that holds instructions for LEGO Island. It has a special relationship with the buildings of LEGO Island, so much so that if a page is ripped from the Constructopedia, the building on the page will de-construct. It was made so de-constructing buildings would be less easy.


  • Table of Contents
  • Information Centre Page
  • Metro PD Station Page
  • Metro PD Jail Page
  • Octan Petrol Station Page
  • Red Greenbase's House Page
  • Funberg House Page
  • Margret Post's House Page
  • Pepper's House Page
  • L.E.G.O. Radio Station Page
  • Brickolini's Pizzeria Page
  • Bank Page
  • Trademart Page
  • Superstore Page
  • Post Office Page
  • Racetrack Page
  • Cave Door Page
  • Space Station Page
  • Hospital Page
  • Index

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