Clutch Powers is a famous explorer.


Early LifeEdit

Clutch Powers is the son of Rock Powers. As some point, Rock dissapeared, leaving Clutch to fend for himself.

Mission to X-4Edit

In 2980, Clutch Powers was given a mission by Team LEGO: to find an Energy Crystal. Clutch Powers used a Thunder Driller to find a crystal. He found a large crystal, that he reconed would power LEGO City for an entire year. Things went a bit sour when Clutch was chased by the Crystal King. He managed to evade it, eventually getting into a tunnel too small for the Crystal King to get to. However, the crystal he was holding turned out to be a baby Rock Monster. Clutch gave the baby back to the Crystal King and apologised. The Crystal King then gave him an energy crystal.

Clutch then went back to LEGO HQ, and gave the crystal to Kjeld Playwell. Kjeld Playwell then introduced Clutch to the members of the team he would be working with: Brick Masterson, a firefighter and demolitions expert, Peg Mooring, a biologist and Bernie von Beam, Team LEGO's best engineer.

The mission was to go to Planet X-4 and investigate reports of a jail break. Clutch was then introduced to Professor Arthur 'Artie' Fol, who showed them his newest invention, the Galactic Enforcer. Clutch and his team then traveled to X-4. On the way, Clutch noticed that a symbol in the distress call from X-4 was the same as one in Rock Powers' diary.

The team investigated the prison on X-4, and found that there had been a jail break. However, they were then attacked by Malock the Malign. After narrowly escaping, they found a Space Police officer who told them that Malock would not get away, as he had destroyed the engines of the Space Police vehicles. However, Malock got away in the Galactic Enforcer. Luckily, Clutch was able to build a new Spaceship.

Kjeld then contacted them, and told them to go to the medieval world of Ashlar. They hoped to find Prince Varen and help him to defeat Malock. Eventually, they arrived and found a mine. Clutch then went in search of Varen. Along the way, he ran into a trap prepared by Skelly and Bones. He evaded it.

He then found Hogar the Troll, who guarded a bridge. After completing some tests, Hogar led him to Varen. Varen refused Clutch's help.

Clutch then went back to the others, who had made an alliance with Lofar, a dwarf. The team then used a battle cart to go to Malock's castle. Before they got there, Prince Varen arrived and said that he had decided to allow Clutch to help him.

After Peg was set up a a decoy for Malock, Clutch and Varen ventured into Malock's castle. After battling some statues that came to life, Clutch and Varen found that Malock was in the room with them. Malock used his crystal ball to show Clutch a vision of Rock Powers. This allowed Malock to teleport Clutch and Varen into a cage, where they watched the knights being defeated.

They then saw that Hogar, to keep Varen from harm, had got the treasure chest containing the golden sword that could be used to defeat Malock. Hogar then handed over the treasure chest, not knowing that the golden sword had been taken by Varen. Hogar was then catapulted into the woods.

Clutch used some bones to spell out 'LEGO'. The rest of the team saw this, and were reminded of Team LEGO's motto: 'build on each other'. Clutch watched as the team rebuilt the battle cart into a car. Peg Mooring then freed Clutch and Varen by using a tamed dragon to melt the chain hold the cage up. Clutch and Varen then retreived the golden sword and confronted Malock. During the course of the battle, Malock's crystal ball was destroyed, thus taking much of the wizard's power away from him. Varen the defeated Malock.

After that, Clutch Powers attended the crowning of King Varen. Shortly after, Malock was put in in a Space Police prison pod. Clutch and his team then took Malock back to LEGO City. He was then briefed on his next mission: to go to the planet Goferbro.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Clutch Powers is quite good-natured, though before his mission to X-4 he always worked alone. He is one of the few minifigs who has mastered his creative spark abilities.

Due to this, he can built nearly anything if he has the right bricks.

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