The Black Hole Gang was a criminal organization. In recent years, it has split up, with some of the remnants forming Blacktron.


The Black Hole Gang was formed in 2029 by a young Kranxx. However, Kranxx was put into stasis and the gang split up. In the 2970s, Kranxx restarted the gang.

Former MembersEdit

  • Kranxx, the leader of the gang
  • Squidman, a gold-obsessed alien.
  • Frenzy, a criminal veteran.
  • The Skull Twins, identical cosmic clones.
  • 'Snake', an astro-punk.
  • Slizer, a talented engineer.
  • Rench, Kranxx's third nega-cousin who was hired by the gang to keep the Space Police occupied. He later went on to form Blacktron.
  • Squidtron, a robot built by Squidman.
  • Around 5 members of Snake's species who followed Kranxx to Mars.

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