Battle Arachnoid Mini-Bots are robots that accompany Battle Arachnoids.


War on Sentai MountainEdit

The Battle Arachnoid Mini-Bots were first made by the Sentai Mountain robots. Meca One found out from Sensei Keiken's memories that Exo-Force was using weapons that doubled as mini-robots. To counter this, the robots made their own mini-bots. One of them was the Battle Arachnoid Mini-Bot. These mini-robots could detatch from their battle machine, and attack or flee when needed.

Some mini-bots were reprogrammed by Exo-Force. Most however, were destroyed.

Eventually, the minifigs won, and the robots went into hiding.

War on MarsEdit

In 2049, The Crystalien forces fled to Earth after being defeated on Mars. They landed in the jungle of Sentai Mountain. The Crystaliens found some suvivor robots in the jungle. Eager to get off the planet, the robots left with the Crystaliens in ETX Alien Mothership II.

However, en route to Europa, the Mothership suffered a fuel leak. It crash landed on Mars. The Battle Arachnoid Mini-Bots were re-named 'Builders' and were reprogrammed to do some of the most important tasks: mining for Energy Crystals, building the Crystalien Base, and repairing the Mothership. As such, they were treated as some of the most important members of the Crystalien Army.

The Battle Arachnoid Mini-Bots followed the Alien Commander nearly everywhere he went, havesting crystals and building bases. The last glimpse the Mars Mission Organization saw of the Mini-Bots was the Mini-Bots running into the ETX Alien Mothership II just before it launched.

It is presumed that they continue to serve the Crystaliens on Europa.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

The Battle Arachnoid Mini-Bots are capable of producing a small electrical charge on the edge of their legs. This was used on Mars to mine the Energy Crystals.

The Mini-Bots were designed to be attached to a Battle Arachnoid. Once they were, they could easily detach.

The Crystaliens reprogrammed the Mini-Bots to be miners and builders. The design of Crystalien buildings was added to the Mini-Bots AI.

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