Avant Gardens is a planet chunck of Planet Crux, notable for its green spaces.


Settlement by MinifiguresEdit

When Planet Crux was destroyed, many barren planet chunks were flung out into space. However, when Doctor Overbuild, Duke Exeter and Hael Storm found a remaining shard of pure imagination, and added part of their creative sparks to it, the shard of pure imagination was turned into a beam of imagination. This caused plants and vegetation to return to some of the planet chunks. On the site of Avant Gardens, grass and trees began to grow. This made it a pleasant settling point for minifigures, and a colony was founded by the Nexus Force.

To establish links to the other colonies, the Venture League built launchpads to Nimbus Station, and also the Avant Gardens Launch Area, for minifigures to relax at before launching off. To create transport links to the centre of Avant Gardens, an elevated road was built above the park. The Paradox established the Paradox Research Facility to study underground concentrations of Maelstrom energy. To celebrate success in the battle against the Maelstrom, the Assembly began construction of a monument depicting a minifigure battling a Stromling.

Incident at the Paradox Research FacilityEdit

Paradox began to experiment with adding Maelstrom Energy to normal LEGO Bricks. They created the Spider Queen, a huge Maelstrom-infected spider. However, their defences did not prove to be a match to the Spider Queen, and she broke out, releasing a Maelstrom blast that destroyed much of the facility, infected all the Paradox researchers but one, infected all the defence robots except for PRDX-4 and PRDX-7, and also blasted much of the elevated road to pieces. The Spider Queen then fled into the mine where Paradox was mining Maelstrom Energy, creating a thick Maelstrom cloud, blocking off the area.

The remaining Paradox Researcher, Wisp Lee was forced to call the Sentinels in for help. The Sentinels sent a squad led by Commander Beck Strongheart to establish an attack base, and the Sentinel Faction Encampment was established, blocking the Maelstrom advance further. As the road was not safe to travel on, a tunnel to the Assembly Monument, where the road was safe, was created.

Things were complicated by the fact that Venture Explorer was attacked by the Maelstrom above Avant Gardens, and the Nexus Force Recruits onboard were forced to escape on modular rockets. Epsilon Starcracker was stationed near a landing pad at the Paradox Research Facility to train the recruits to be able to fight the Stromlings in the area, and then to direct them to the Sentinel Faction Encampment.

Meanwhile, the Maelstrom infected many small planet chunks nearby Avant Gardens. Crash Helmut and Kit Wanderwhere directed Nexus Force Recruits to clear the chunks of Maelstrom, which many of the recruits managed to do, claiming the chunks for themselves. Sky Lane then directed the recruits to Nimbus Station to join a faction.

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