The Asteroid Cities are colonies located in giant domes on the asteroid belt.

Asteroid Cities

Official Name

Asteroid Belt Colonies

Minifig Population


Non-minifig Population



Solar System

Dominent Species



In the 2470s, colonies in glass domes began to be built. By 2500, most members of the minifig species had relocated here. In the early 2970s, many non-minifigs had began to come here, until minifigs and aliens worked side by side.

In 2089, the Black Hole Gang began to cause havoc. The Space Police chased these criminals across the Solar System.

Afterwords, there was relative peace.


The Asteroid Cities are divided into 10 sectors. Each sector has its own government, which reports to the cental Solar System government on Earth.


There are around 5 billion minifigs living here. The non-minifig population is around 1 billion.

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