Alpha Team, also known as the Trans-International LEGO Team, is an agency which protects Earth.


When intelligence about Evil Ogel was first leaked to LEGOLAND in 2000, it held a summit with other nations. They agreed to form Alpha Team. Alpha Team was ment to swiftly disbanden the Ogel Forces, however, after Ogel began to bomb cities with mind-control orbs, he became a much larger threat than anyone thought he would. However, in 2001, Alpha Team seemed to have defeated Ogel.

However, Ogel soon adapted the mind-control orbs to work on sea creatures, and soon, Alpha Team were once again called to the case. They defeated Ogel again.

2 years later, Alpha Team found Ogel was freezing the desert. They also found he planned to freeze time. He did, eventually, but Agent Zed then defeated him, for supposedly the last time...

In 2010, Earth came under attack by mutated dinosaurs. The LEGOLAND government had two options: The Agents Defence Organization wanted to build up defences and protect LEGOLAND's cities, whereas Alpha Team wanted to form a new team to defeat the dinosaurs. Alpha Team's option won, and the Dino Attack Team was created. Alpha Team then provided personel and supplied some of its agents to the new agency.

List of BasesEdit

Alpha Team LEGO City HQEdit

This is the central HQ, located in LEGO City. Information archives are here. Dash Justice and Gearbox are stationed here.

Orbiting Satellite HQEdit

The Orbiting Satellite HQ is a space station orbiting Earth. This is where Rookie Agents train. It is also used as a satellite to acess the Alpha Team Information Network. Tee Vee and Radia are stationed here.

Costal BaseEdit

This base is located on the costline of LEGOLAND. It is the base of Alpha Team Special Operations. Zed is stationed here.

Mountain BaseEdit

This is located on the mountain range above the Goo Caverns. It is shielded from attack by Ogel, as the mountains surrounding it are hard to navigate. It is the base of Alpha Team Underground Operations. Flex and Diamound Tooth are stationed here.

Antarctic BaseEdit

This is located on the Antarctic costline. It was used to plan seiges and strikes against Ogel's Mountain Fortress. Charge and Arrow are stationed here.

Underwater Research BaseEdit

This base is located somewhere underwater. It is the base for Alpha Team Underwater Operations. Cam and Crunch are stationed here.

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