The Alien Commander is one of the two elite Crystaliens who commands the Crystalien Empire.


Early LifeEdit

The Alien Commander hatched from the Crystalien Hive on the Crystalien home-world some time in the 21st century. He was trained in political and military matters, so he would be able to take over the Crystalien Empire at some point. He became the commander of a vast empire stretching across many star systems. At this point, he also trained the Alien Queen as his deputy.

Crystalien ConflictEdit

In the 2100s, he decided to invade Mars. The Crystaliens sucessfully landed on Mars. The Alien Commander ordered the construction of a base, from where he would direct the invasion of Mars. However, he met three groups that opposed him: the Life on Mars Colonization Organization, the native Martian species and the Mars Mission Organization. The Crystaliens managed to do a number of surprise attacks on all 3 factions, allowing him to seize 1/3 of Mars.

He used the ETX Alien Mothership to draw attension away from the hive. This worked almost too well, as it was destroyed in late 2107. He then ordered construction to begin on the ETX Alien Mothership II. He also used the ETX Alien Infiltrator to conduct strike attacks. He also once was dropped from a Strike Fighter and managed to destroy an entire Mars Mission Outpost.

After that, he returned to the hive to find it being attacked by the MX-81 Hypersonice Operations Spacecraft. He, the Alien Queen, around 50 Drones and 10 Infiltrators made their escape on the ETX Alien Mothership II.

Conflict TwoEdit

The survivors fled to Earth and landed in the jungle of Sentai Mountain. The Alien Commander ran into a group of Devastators and Battle Arachnoid Mini-Bots. Seeing a chance to recuit more into his military, he gave them the offer, which the robots accepted. He renamed Devastators 'Laser Troopers' and reprogrammed the Battle Arachnoid Mini-Bots to be builders.

The Mothership then took off, leaving the Solar System. However, en route, it suffered a fuel link. It crash landed on Mars. Although the Alien Commander was furious to be back on Mars, he set up a tempory Crater Base to help him gather the resaurces needed.

His mood got worse when he found that Mars Mission were still on the planet, and captuing drones. He then prepared an attack group to rescue the drones and Laser Troopers.

The Alien Commander then found that Plisken was on Mars. He made an alliance with the criminal.

As the ETX Alien Mothership II had seperated on re-entry, he had to locate a CryoLab and a NavCore. He also attempted to cut off Mars Mission's food supply by destroying their Biodomes.

To compensate for the lack of fuel, he ordered some drones to seek out the extra-powerful Purple Energy Crystals. Also, as the NavCore was damaged, he ordered that 3 telemetry spires be constructed. He also protected Plisken from a big Mars Mission attack.

At last, the Mothership was ready for take off. The Mothership took off, finally leaving the Solar System.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

The Alien Commander is stronger, faster and smarter than all other Crystaliens (with the possible exception of the Alien Queen). He sometimes carries a weapon that can eliminate even a squad of Mars Mission Troopers.

He is a fierce leader, known to send his Drones into battle with the Mars Mission team without a second thought. He is easily irritable and curses when things go wrong.

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